To enhance Ballyhoo’s cultural exchange, we are adding an early Americana flare to the festival. Anyone is free to enter!

The competition takes place Sunday, March 8th • 11am – 5pm


FIDDLE: YOUTH UNDER 18                        BANJO: YOUTH UNDER 18

$125.00 first place                                     $125.00 first place

$75.00 second place                                 $75.00 second place

$50.00 third place                                      $50.00 third place


FIDDLE: ADULT OVER 18                      BANJO: ADULT OVER 18

$250.00 first place                                    $250.00 first place

$150.00 second place                              $150.00 second place

$100.00 third place                                   $100.00 third place



Fiddlers under 18:

Fast song and a waltz.  The waltz needs to be something with ¾ timing. The fast song should be a breakdown, rag or polka.

Tunes not allowed are show tunes such as Orange Blossom Special, Listen to the Mockingbird or Black Mt. Rag. No electric instruments allowed.

Contestants in fiddle and banjo can have up to 3 backups.  Example: 2 guitars and a bass, or 3 guitars, or guitar, mandolin and bass, etc.

Fiddlers over 18:

Three songs: a waltz, a breakdown and tune of choice, which is a rag, polka or another breakdown.

Banjo under 18:

Two tunes of their choice.

Banjo over 18:

Three tunes of their choice.

Contestants in categories will be judged on:

Rhythm and timing – 20 points
Authenticity –  20 points
Creativity – 20 points,
Tone – 20 points
Overall execution – 20 points


Total points per tune per contestant is 100. So, a perfect score for 18 and under would be 200 points and the perfect score for a contestant over 18 would be 300 points. Contestants in fiddle who play something other than a waltz will not be scored on that song.  The decision of the judges is final.


MAIL-IN FORM CLICK HERE – Fiddle & Banjo Entry Form